When it comes to online learning, one has to master technical tools. It comes by practice. However, the course is time-bound. So, you cannot take ages to grasp the usage of these tools. There are certain keyboard and computer shortcuts that the tech-savvy students often boast to know about. These shortcuts not only make you
There are many families who prefer teaching their children at home rather than enrolling them and making them study within the rigid traditional settings of public or private schools. In case of homeschooling, parents usually need to take full responsibility of their children’s education. To take up the role of a teacher, a parent needs
Technology has made it easier for students to implement their theoretical knowledge in various real-world scenarios. It is also helping teachers to incorporate more innovative and effective means into their teaching methods. In today’s world of neck-to-neck competition, it is not only commendable but essential to go beyond textbook learning by being open to other