If you can decide the amount of time your child spends for the subjects, we think that you should also be able to decide how wish to pay. We have multiple options to choose from: Select from full Payment, two payments, three payments or monthly payment option. Monthly payments are as low as $150 per month.

Not only multiple options to pay, but we also offer a money-back guarantee if you wish to cancel your child’s enrollment with the school within 14 days of the enrollment for any reason.

Enrollments are on throughout the year.


Payment Cycle
Discounted Tuition (Full Payment):
Two Payment Option:
(two payments of $695)
Three Payment Option:
(initial payment of $395,two additional payments of $550 each)
Monthly Payment Plan:
(initial payment of $250,Ten payments of $150 each)
Total Per Grade Level
$1295 SAVE $455
$1390 SAVE $360
$1495 SAVE $255